What Props Work Well With a Barn Wedding?

Rustic is the new chic, allowing barn wedding venues to grow in popularity. Barn venues like the Homestead Farm Resort, offer a beautiful backdrop with that country rustic style that has become so popular. Couples who are planning a barn wedding can take advantage of a plethora of props so their wedding is beautifully unique. These props will not only allow for the perfect decorations but they will also offer a wide range of photo opportunities for a unique keepsake.

Consider these top props for barn venues:

Bicycles are a fun prop for any outdoor wedding but are especially ideal for a barn venue. A shiny retro bike is a cute prop to use for photos and can be placed as a part of the wedding decorations for a whimsical feel.


A beautiful old truck can also provide a wonderful piece for couples to use as a part of their wedding. This can serve three areas of use. The truck can be used as the bridal vehicle, as a scene for the wedding photos, and as a part of the decorations.

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While it seems overly simplistic, hay bales should be an important decoration in any barn wedding. Using flowers and ribbon can dress up hay bales and allow them to offer beauty to the wedding.

Those who are searching for a chic barn wedding will find a classic car is also a welcome addition. There is nothing more enticing than a shiny retro car with a backdrop of nature.

Many couples are decorating their barn weddings with overly large helium balloons. These balloons can be attached by lace or braided cording for a clever rustic look.

To get the most beautiful look, it behooves a couple to consider the natural look of the barn and the scenery around it. Nature offers a perfect scene for wedding photo shoots of all types.

If the barn offers a waterway, a boat can be a perfect decoration. Adding flowers, lace, and beautiful ribbon can make the boat a romantic spot for getting the perfect photo of the wedding.

A barn wedding offers the opportunity to use rustic flowers of all types and colors. This is the time to break away from the traditional and use flowers that would not normally be used. Thinking outside of the box can lead to gorgeous results.

If you and your future spouse are thinking about planning a barn wedding, consider The Barn Venue at Homestead Farm Resort. This wedding venue offers simplistic beauty that cannot be beaten.

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